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Painless Performance Conversations
Program length: 45 Minutes total running time

What is a painless performance conversation? According to author Marnie E. Green, it's a conversation with a person you care about on an issue you are concerned with, where the outcome is uncertain and the situation requires your influence.

Painless Performance Conversations will help your managers and supervisors lead performance-related conversations with confidence and poise in order to create a culture of workplace respect and accountability.

The six-step model presented in the modules is:
1. Form and Share Clear Expectations - Explain the Situation
2. Lead with Behavior - Listen and Probe
3. Eliminate Judgement - Stay Evidence-based and Find Agreement
4. Inquire with Purpose - Discuss Alternatives
5. Create a Culture of Ownership - Agree on Next Steps
6. Painless Performance Conversations in Practice - Express Confidence

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Key Training Points participants will learn:

  • How to plan and conduct conversations for maximum impact on performance
  • Four critical mind-sets to handle workplace discussions with poise and professionalism
  • To reduce the pain and fear that leads to procrastination when having difficult conversations
  • Eliminating the harmful effects of judgment and bias in performance conversations
  • Creating a culture of ownership and accountability to build individual and team performance

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Languages: English


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Painless Performance Conversations
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