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Performance Matters: The Importance of Praise
Program length: 24:00

Performance Matters: The Importance of Praise is a John Cleese training video by Video Arts Production makes the point that giving praise where it's due is a management tool that's powerful and economical...but not always easy to remember to do.

When done consistently and sincerely, praise can bring amazing results in terms of increasing the quality and quantity of the output of team members.

Performance Matters: The Importance of Praise demonstrates that the employee's attitude changes with renewed enthusiasm when the manager shows interest and appreciation in a job well done. Among the rules learned are that it's important to let people know why they are being praised, make sure that the effect isn't ruined by a kick-in-the-tail remark, and to pass on praise from customers or superiors.

Languages: English


A Video Arts release

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Performance Matters: The Importance of Praise
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
I think "Dialogue in a Diverse World" would be stronger if paired with follow-up training that meets your work group's specific needs ("Dialogue for Cultural Understanding"; "Dialogue Between Genders"; or "Dialogue Among Generations"). The rules for effective communication are excellent.

  • Good information about the importance of dialogue (instead of decision making or debate, for example).
  • It may be ironic to suggest that a program about communication should be more than just talking, but I felt the program dragged a bit because of the staff meeting setting and resulting verbal exchanges.

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