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Performance Review

Every organization has a different kind of performance review system. Even so, the reaction to reviews is often the same - one of horror. The Performance Review training sets out to encourage individuals to think about reviews in a new way, so they stop dreading them and start seeing them in a more positive light.

The Performance Review training comes in two distinct parts - one for the manager and one for the appraisee. Unless both sides know what to expect, and how to get the most from the meeting, it will always fall short of the mark. Both sides have an equally crucial role to play.

Tracy, like many employees, feels her annual performance review is a complete waste of time. We see her learn the secrets of preparation to help her thinking process:

  • The present: any current issues about the job she's doing
  • The future: where she wants to go and what experience or training she will need to get there.

Every Manager's Nightmare - 30:00 minutes

Aimed specifically at managers who know the importance of an employee's performance review. Unfortunately, this rarely makes having to do them any less painful. In fact, because they often end up being emotionally charged, they are seen more as 'excruciating' than 'crucial'.

Every Appraisee's Dream - 20:00 minutes

Aimed at staff whose review is coming up shortly, this section really shows the positive side of performance reviews and gives a full and vivid illustration of just how well they can go when they're handled properly by both parties. It gives the appraisee something to aim for during their own review, but is also very useful for managers - showing them what can be achieved from a successful review.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Video Arts release

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Performance Review
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