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Turning Apathy into Proactivity
Program length: 20:00

We all have the right not to know or not care – but there is a price for being disengaged and uninformed. A company is only as strong as its workforce. It is important for employees to be happy - and optimism can be learned. It is also possible that good people can be hiding under a temporary veil of apathy.

Three things are needed for optimal mental and emotional health: passion, interest, and action. A child is not born apathetic. The problem may have taken root at home, at school, or deep within themselves. But indeed, it must be addressed. Sometimes it’s easier to just shut down and not feel anything; but with the right tools and right attitude, everyone can be able to handle anything and be open to many opportunities and feelings.

Turning Apathy into Proactivity shows the causes of apathy and offers techniques to overcome the doldrums and get back on track with renewed energy and interest:

  • Perspective - Apathy is a temporary state of being.
  • Identify and Define the Cause - Recall the trigger (person, place or event).
  • Change the Things you Can - Build up instead of tearing down.
  • Remember the Good - List events when you felt enthusiasm.
  • Create Change in Small Steps - Break out of a regular routine by changing it up.
  • Become Comfortable - Connect with positive environments and people.
  • Create a Project - Break down your idea/interest into small attainable steps.
  • Maintenance - Monitor your progress.

Languages: English


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Turning Apathy into Proactivity
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