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Stephen Covey: Integrating the 7 Habits
Program length: 12:04

In Stephen Covey: Integrating the 7 Habits, famed business author and motivator Stephen Covey is joined by fellow best-selling author, Dr. Andrew Weil, who teaches well-being through meditation.

Stephen Covey: Integrating the 7 Habits shows that by adopting these seven habits, we can empower teams and become effective leaders in our own lives and in the workplace. We learn powerful effective communication skills of seeking to understand and listening to come up with powerful solutions. We become a change catalyst of our own lives and influence the world for the better.

While Stephen Covey wrote his ground breaking book in 1989, the principles and learning concepts are timeless and as effective now as they were when he sold his first of 25 million books. These aren’t quick fix, pop psychology fixes. They take time, focus, and commitment.

Stephen Covey: Integrating the 7 Habits includes:

  • 6 Key Learning Modules
  • 14 "What have your learned?" quizzes
  • 12 minute video
  • Support materials
  • Printable Course Certificate


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Stephen Covey: Integrating the 7 Habits
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