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The Art of Common Sense and Critical Thinking
Program length: 170:00 total

The Art of Common Sense and Critical Thinking is an all-encompassing training program. The film is rich in diversity and ideal for students and seasoned professionals alike. HR directors will love it. The training includes 10 quizzes and a 140 page training guide for facilitation or self-study. In fact, there is so much material (the running time is 2 hours and 50 minutes!) Don't worry, it is divided into short chapters and comes complete with a fun arcade of quizzes, trivia, humor, and games. 

Think of all the rules and regulations that affect your life and the lives of others. Question which ones are in need of change – and give voice to that effort. As you will see, critical thinking, common sense, and common courtesy are essential tools that will make your life, and the lives around you, more comfortable. 

Please Note:While the online preview is the first part of the program, the complete 10 parts are:

  1. Common Sense - how it can be learned, making good decisions, benefits
  2. Child Development - what we learn, manners, resolving conflicts
  3. Tolerance / Diversity / Stereotypes - dangers, prejudice, hatred, value of diversity
  4. Common Courtesy / Common Decency - benefits, why manners are important
  5. Relationships - characteristics, impact of courtesy, solving common problems
  6. Transportation - pet peeves, impact of cell phone users, being aware and safe
  7. The Workplace - office etiquette, what never to do, common sense approach to conflict
  8. Mental Health / Physical Health - negative vs positive thinking, self-improvement
  9. Critical Thinking - components and benefits, problem solving, becoming a critical thinker
  10. Life Lessons - how attitudes, awareness, common sense & critical thinking impact everyday life

Every one of us has the capacity to learn common sense, improve manners, and become a well-cultivated critical thinker. Finally, there is a film that combines three important subjects and creates a fun, learning experience.

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Languages: English


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The Art of Common Sense and Critical Thinking
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