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The Energy Bus Animated Training Program
Program length: 60:00 total seat time

Hop on the Energy Bus: Best practices to build a positive winning team and organization!

jon gordonThe Energy Bus
is online training based on Jon Gordon's bestselling book. It follows the story of George, a man who is at risk of losing his job, friends and marriage due to being stuck in a chronic cycle of negativity. Through the help of others, George gradually undergoes a transformation from negative to positive.  As he does, learners see how to get themselves back on the path to positivity.  

The course takes a unique approach to positivity training. Through engaging animated video segments, the following learning points are covered:

Rule #1: You're the Driver of Your Bus
Rule #2: Desire, Vision, and Focus Move Your Bus
Rule #3: Fuel Your Ride
Rule #4: Invite People on Your Bus
Rule #5: Don't Waste Your Energy
Rule #6: No Energy Vampires Allowed
Rule #7: Enthusiasm Attracts More Passengers
Rule #8: Love Your Passengers
Rule #9: Drive with Purpose
Rule #10: Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride

Preview any or all of these segments in their entirety (video-only or eLearning format) by clicking on Free FULL Preview above.

Energy Bus Animated Training - eLearning features: 
  • engaging animated and story-based segments
  • separate video commentary segments featuring Jon Gordon 
  • interactive exercises
  • step-by-step guide to create your own action plan (see sample page)
  • available in eLearning format streamed from our platform, or in a Scorm wrapped package to be hosted on your LMS.
energy bus elearning1 energy bus elearning2

Energy Bus Animated Training - Streaming features:
  • engaging animated and story-based segments
  • streamed from our platform or your LMS

Who Benefits from the Energy Bus Animated Training Course? 


At some point or another, each of us will face challenges or adversity. When it happens, we have a choice between looking for the positive, or dwelling on the negative. The lessons in The Energy Bus show how taking the "positive road" improves our well-being, relationships and ability to succeed at work.


The ultimate success of an organization comes down to the performance of its teams and individuals. When people lose sight of their grounding vision or purpose, it's easy to slip into negativity. Through The Energy Bus' story of George ─ and how he first improves his own attitude then improves the dynamics of his team ─ organizations can re-energize and re-engage their workplace.

Languages: English


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The Energy Bus Animated Training Program
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