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Who Are 'They' Anyway? video
Program length: 17:00

The training designs, participant handouts, group's discussion questions, and individual exercises are all aimed at providing a powerful catalyst to help everyone in the organization understand that personal responsibility is a choice.

The true answer to the question "Who's responsible?" is not THEM-but ME! I am responsible for my day-to-day duties on the job. I am responsible for keeping my boss informed. I am responsible for working effectively with others on my team. I am accountable for the results I produce, or fail to produce. I am in charge of my own career and my own future. I am responsible for seeking out the information I need to solve a problem. It is my job to make sure my employees have the tools and resources they need to do what I expect them to do. It is my job to clarify what others expect of me. I am accountable when something goes wrong.

Languages: English


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Who Are 'They' Anyway? video
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