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Are your workers down with PPE? Our collection of personal protective equipment safety titles has you covered head to toe.

Personal Protective Equipment Training

Every Choice Matters

Give your employees a realistic look at what happens when they don't use safe practices on the job with this workplace safety training DVD.

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Hand Safety: It's In Your Hands

Each year, 180,000 people suffer hand injuries. Yet, these injuries are preventable when the correct precautions are taken. This program takes a look at some common workplace hazards your workers face and how to prevent the hand injuries that could be caused by them.

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Protecting Your Feet: Learning the ABC’s

Walk your way toward foot safety with the important PPE measures showcased in this specialized training course.

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Heads Up! Hard Hat Safety

Over 100,000 occupational head injuries are reported every year because most of those injured failed to wear required head protection. This program explains how the hard hat habit will help your workers protect themselves. Complies with OSHA 1910.135.

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Hearing Protection: It Makes Sense

With effective monitoring, testing, and administrative and engineering controls, you'll be able to protect your hearing; but wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment is most important.

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Eye Protection: See The Whole Picture

This program will help your employees understand the importance of proper eye protection. Reviewing essential procedures, it focuses on avoiding eye injuries and emergency procedures should an accident occur.

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Personal Protective Equipment: Reality In The Public Sector

Public sector employees face a lot of risks and must be prepared for the worst at all times. To do so requires the constant attention to the use of appropriate personal protective equipment. Teach employees that failure to comply will result in tragedy.

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Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice!

Don't let stubborn attitudes derail your safety measures regarding personal protective equipment. With this program you can ensure that your employees always make the right choice by showing them the consequences of not wearing PPE.

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