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Hearing Protection: Safe In 8™
Program length: 08:00

A booming addition to the Safe In 8™ Series, Hearing Protection: Safe In 8™ can be used to turn up the volume in the everyday meeting on hearing protection or be used as an introduction or a refresher on the basic fundamentals of hearing loss prevention and safety.

Hearing Protection: Safe In 8™ explains that the two main contributors to gradual hearing loss in the workplace is sound intensity and duration. This training will sharpen your employees’ skills in recognizing contributing factors of types of hearing damage, as well as be familiar with personal protective equipment and different classes of earplugs.

In only 8 informative minutes, Hearing Protection: Safe In 8™ lays out the hearing protection guidelines and explains in detail, the structure of the ear.

Languages: English, Spanish


A DuPont Sustainable Solutions release

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Hearing Protection: Safe In 8™
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