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Give 'em the Pickle!

Based on the internationally best-selling customer service film, Give ‘em the Pickle! with Bob Farrell, this podcast takes a fun, often funny, and sometimes poignant motivational approach to teaching people how to take care of the customer.  A perfect film follow-up or learning reinforcement tool, the podcast includes excerpts from the film and host commentary around key learning points.

In the podcast, you’ll hear personal stories from Bob Farrell, a successful entrepreneur, and internationally-recognized expert on customer service. (You may be familiar with Bob Farrell’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlors.) After opening his first restaurant in Seattle, Farrell went on to expand his chain to 150 restaurants without a single failure. He credits his success to his passion for serving the customer and giving away pickles.

Listen and learn what pickles have to do with customer service excellence—as well as the four things successful companies (and successful employees) focus on:

  • Service
  • Attitude
  • Consistency
  • Teamwork

Podcast Duration: 27 minutes

Download Podcast Transcript Here.

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