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He Said She Said Part 1

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment & Inappropriate Workplace Behavior
This podcast is an audio-version of the video He Said, She Said. It is designed to help employees challenge their beliefs and perceptions around hostile work environment sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior.  Four realistic scenarios are featured, along with host commentary based on legal definitions and sexual harassment laws.    

For each scenario:

(1)     Listeners first hear from the complainant as they present their view of the events in question.  

(2)    The host prompts the listener to consider various aspects of what they’ve just heard and come to an initial conclusion regarding whether or not the behavior was hostile work environment sexual harassment.  As they contemplate their answer, listeners are guided through legal definitions that apply to the given situation. They also hear from the alleged harasser and witnesses. 

(3)    After listening to conflicting sides of the same story, listeners have to decide what they believe. As they draw their conclusion, listeners come to recognize the complexities of inappropriate workplace behavior and re-evaluate any biases and perceptions they may have.

(4)    The host wraps up the scenario with the correct answer citing applicable sexual harassment law.

The podcast is an ideal way to augment your sexual harassment prevention curriculum. It provides a uniquely engaging listening experience and is especially powerful when used as a learning reinforcement tool or follow-up to training done with the He Said, She Said video or the Let’s Get Honest video or podcast. 

Podcast Duration: 21 minutes

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