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Welcome to our Learning Essentials Free Podcast Series. Each free podcast is based on one of our best-selling films. More than an audio version of each film, our podcasts feature host commentary that guides listeners through key learning points and excerpts from the film. We hope you enjoy them and encourage you to share them with others!

“How Was Your Day?” - Respectful Workplace

Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying are some of today’s most challenging workplace issues. This podcast covers them in a way only Media Partners can—through memorable stories and captivating content.

Like getting four podcasts in one, “How Was Your Day?” inspires listeners to recognize their workplace responsibilities regarding (1) Overcoming Unconscious Bias, (2) Embracing Diversity and Inclusion, (3) Stopping Harassment, and (4) Standing up to Bullying. Each topic is covered in its own chapter.

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Give 'em the Pickle!

Customer experience has always been, and will always be, a key brand differentiator. A customer’s perception of your organization, and the way they’ve been treated, is often more important than product or price.

This podcast, containing the best stories and tips from our world-wide bestselling Give ‘em the Pickle customer service film, helps you remind employees that there is nothing more important than taking care of the customer. The key is to figure out what matters most to customers… and then provide it!

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Let’s Get Honest - Sexual Harassment Prevention

With the almost-daily allegations of workplace sexual harassment, this podcast is a timely release that speaks candidly about the difference between employees’ work and personal lives.

Featuring content from our #1-selling Let’s Get Honest sexual harassment prevention training video, it provides honest and practical solutions to a variety of workplace issues ranging from flirting to clueless behavior to illegal, predatory harassment.

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