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Media Partners ranks in the Top 20 Online Training Companies

BELLEVUE, Was – July 27, 2018 - Training Industry has ranked Media Partners as one of the Top 20 Online Training Companies in the online learning library sector. Training Industry is the most trusted source for online training intel and generates Top 20 and Watch List reports on the training marketplace to inform companies of the best services and technology. Recognition from Training Industry exemplifies Media Partners’ dedication to meaningful content that matters to the modern workforce.

Selection to the 2018 Top 20 Online Learning Library Companies was based on the following criteria:

         •    Industry visibility, innovation and impact

         •    Breadth and quality of courses and content

         •    Company size and growth potential

         •    Quality of clients

         •    Geographic reach

Media Partners implements leading-edge eLearning techniques and features that keep the modern learner engaged and captivated by the content. Many courses within the Media Partners library are built with a microlearning structure, which breaks the films into small, manageable pieces, allowing the learner to go at a pace that works best for them. For employees that need training in the field, the company’s mobile application also delivers compelling content to a mobile workforce.

In addition to quality, award-winning content, courses can include a variety of performance support content, including podcasts, pre and post assessments, worksheets and more. With these resources, learners and trainers can track progress and reinforce learning over time. Media Partners’ eLearning in a microlearning format is exemplified in their leadership course, “LEAD NOW”, that uses a “Dimension Survey” to identify which of the 21 areas of leadership the learner should focus on. This course also comes with self-paced eLearning worksheets that include lessons, gems, reflections, power tips, individual development plans, and a self-paced administrator guide. Media Partners prioritizes high-quality content first to provide the modern workforce with interactive and entertaining eLearning that makes a difference.

About Media Partners

Media Partners Corporation produces, curates, and distributes compelling people skills training films and other captivating learning content. The company’s award-winning films, such as “Give ‘em the Pickle!” “How Was Your Day? Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying”, “The Abilene Paradox”, and “The Practical Coach”, engage employees and can help change behavior. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Media Partners’ content is embraced by virtually every industry across 80 countries, and by large and small organizations. The company emphasizes soft skills training, including Customer Service, Leadership, Conflict Management, Teamwork, and Respectful Workplace.

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