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Media Partners Releases New Training Film on Workplace Bias, Diversity, Harassment, and Bullying

“How Was Your Day?” addresses tough topics that are top-of-mind for many executives

BELLEVUE, Wash, July 18, 2017 – Media Partners Corporation (MPC), a leading producer of premier people skills training films, today announced the release of “How Was Your Day?  Getting Real about Bias, Diversity, Harassment and Bullying”.  With increasing concerns about respect in the workplace, Media Partners’ new program is especially relevant for businesses and their employees.

“We believe that in today’s work environment, people skills are more important than ever before,” said John Hansen, CEO of Media Partners.  “We decided to confront four of the most serious, people-related issues in our first original production in five years.  It’s a powerful film that tackles tough workplace challenges in a way that only Media Partners can – through great stories.”

About the Film

“How was your day?” is a standard question posed at the end of the work day.  Rather than a stock employee response, MPC’s new film uses memorable scenarios to inspire employees to openly discuss the often-avoided difficult topics and recognize their workplace responsibilities regarding: 

  • Overcoming unconscious bias
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Preventing harassment
  • Standing up to bullying

The 26-minute video’s substantial content is offered as four separate modules, essentially providing four films for the price of one.  Leaders can cover all four topics in one session or tackle one or two at a time.  This structure offers built-in training flexibility designed for the learning style of today’s workforce.  The film is enriched with a comprehensive Leaders Guide, Leader Presentation, and Employee Handbook – all written by certified instructional designers and storytellers.  For more information, you may view a short trailer or access the full free-length preview.

About Media Partners

Media Partners produces, curates and distributes people skills training films that feature captivating content to help change employee behavior.  Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Bellevue, Wash, Media Partners’ award-winning films cover topics such as Customer Service, Leadership, and Respectful Workplace. The programs are embraced by trainers and human resource professionals from large and small organizations in virtually every industry across 80 countries.  To view the company’s films and stay up-to-date on the latest MPC news, visit or follow MPC via social media.   

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