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Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees
Program length: 11:00

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Employees equate respect with actions on the part of the supervisor that say, “You are a valued member of this team. How can I help you be successful?” Yet in a recent study, more than half the employees polled did NOT think their bosses showed this type of respect. The top reasons cited were that the supervisor didn’t interact enough with the team, didn’t communicate well, or didn’t know enough about the work the employee was doing.

Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees explains that the degree to which an employee is motivated depends in large part on how they feel they’re being treated. Those who feel disrespected typically become demoralized; they are less productive, less engaged, and more likely to quickly move on to other jobs. All of which impact the bottom line.

This supervisor and management diversity training program tackles these issues and more by revealing some of the best ways supervisors can convey respect: paying attention to employees, engaging them in regular communication, and demonstrating commitment to employee well-being and success.

Specific learning points include how to gain more from regular one-on-one meetings:

    1. Communicate expectations
    2. Solve problems
    3. Give feedback – both positive and negative
    4. Provide tools and training
    5. Show concern
    6. Be the Boss (in a productive, professional manner)
    7. Stay “in the know” about employees’ duties

                Viewers are reminded that when supervisors invest themselves in developing team members, those team members thrive and the whole department performs at a higher level.

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                Languages: English

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                Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees
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