Respectful Supervisor Set
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Statistics from a multitude of sources show that many supervisors fall short in treating their employees respectfully. Only 21% of employees feel strongly valued at work; 54% of employees feel they don’t regularly get respect from their leaders; in 72% of the reported cases of workplace bullying, the bully is the supervisor; and the #1 characteristic associated with an executive’s failure is an insensitive, abrasive, or bullying style.

Whether it’s because they see civility as a sign of weakness in a leader, are mimicking behavior they’ve seen modeled by leaders they’ve worked for in the past, or simply feel they are “too busy” to be nice, supervisors who fail to treat employees with respect need support – including effective training – to help them improve.

The alternative is simply too expensive, because when supervisor incivility is left unchecked

  • Employee performance and well-being suffer
  • Organizational results decline
  • Supervisors and managers fail

The Respectful Supervisor Series presents two videos that teach day-to-day steps supervisors can take to help ensure their employees feel respected and valued.

Respecful Supervisor.jpgThe Respectful Supervisor: Integrity and Inclusion - 13 minutes

Helps supervisors understand their role in ensuring that employees are treated with respect particularly when it comes to the way they treat employees and the behaviors they are modeling to their team. Supervisors are also given tips on building an inclusive work environment where all employees feel they belong.

The Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees - 11 minutes

Shows supervisors that you convey respect to employees when you take the time to communicate with them, and when you demonstrate that you know (at least a little) about who they are as people and what it takes to do their job…

Save more and purchase the full 4-Part Respectful Workplace Series. In addition to the above two titles, receive two more diversity and respect in the workplace programs specifically dedicated to employee and respectful communication instruction.

Languages: English

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Respectful Supervisor Set
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