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"A National Treasure."
– Stanford Business School Professor Michael Ray 

"Robert Cooper is the ultimate business guru for the new millennium."
- USA Today


Robert K. Cooper, PhD

Calm Effectiveness: Excelling During Challenging Times

Calm Effectiveness captures the benefits of Dr. Robert Cooper’s groundbreaking approach that helps one tap into their hidden potential allowing. Viewers will learn to excel in a changing world. And they will do it with more energy, focus, and serenity.

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The Power of One

Benefit from The Power of One; a groundbreaking approach that unlocks hidden capacity to win in a changing world. With crystal-clear questions, uncommon wisdom, and proven solutions to work smarter, not harder – with more trust, initiative, integrity, and values.

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Breaking Through

Join Dr. Robert K. Cooper on a personal journey that will give you a new perspective on success. This inspirational program will help you learn more effective methods to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Priorities for Life Series

Available as a set or individually, the six videos in this series can help you begin or end any meeting with a clear and compelling focus on what really matters in leadership and life. They are filled with practical guidance, motivational themes and helpful reminders.

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