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Employee Involvement: The Key to Safety
Program length: 18:00

What really matters to your employees — their hobbies, friends, and family? And what do they need to best enjoy all of those things? Their health and a steady income.

Employee Involvement: The Key to Safety shows how employees can immerse themselves in good housekeeping practices, safety inspections and incident investigations. It looks at effective ways employees can have their voices heard by communicating their safety concerns as individuals and as part of a safety committee.

Major Benefits of Involvement

  • Less injuries and hazards and lost time
  • Employee involvement brings first-hand experience
  • Improved bottom line for company
  • Safety observations remind us to look out for others


  • Poor floor conditions, the leading cause of workplace incidents
  • Maintaining tools and machinery
  • Proper storage of hazardous materials

Safety Inspections

  • Inspecting all areas and all equipment every time
  • Identifying and recording hazards and their causes
  • Discussing concerns with management and taking corrective action

Incident investigations

  • Investigations, a crucial piece of employee-involved safety
  • Performed because you care about people, not to place blame
  • Identifying causes and making preventive changes

Encourage employees in all industries to take an active role in their safety. Employee Involvement: The Key to Safety also makes a great addition to any OSHA Process Safety Management or VPP program.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Employee Involvement: The Key to Safety
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