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Safety Matters: Office Safety
Program length: 10:00

You may think concerns such as fractures, strains and sprains, cuts, fires, electrical issues, and knowing emergency action plans only apply to high-risk settings such as a plant floor – but, did you know they are just as common in an office setting? That’s why it’s important for your office personnel to know which hazards are present in their work areas as well as the safe work practices that can keep them protected. Because in every office, safety still matters.

Safety Matters: Office Safety covers important safety topics to help keep your office employees aware of any dangers, whether hidden or taken for granted. This brief training program gives an overview of some of the hidden dangers that could cause minor (or even major) damage and injury. Viewers will learn awareness and personal safety in regard to:

  • Ergonomics and Back Safety - Proper posture, proper lifting, avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Housekeeping - Preventing slips, trips and falls, avoiding being struck-by or striking objects
  • Electrical Awareness - Hazards of extension cords, safe practices around electricity
  • Cuts and Pinch Points - Safe use of paper cutters, knowing pinch points with drawers
  • Fire Safety - Proper use of fire extinguishers, evacuation routes
  • Chemicals - Importance of reading labels, Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Safety Matters: Office Safety
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