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Newcomers At Work
Program length: 21:00

Newcomers At Work is a complete, updated version of the original, and the latest addition to our range of health & safety training DVDs. Keeping with the successful format that made its predecessor such a valuable training tool, Newcomers At Work is interactive, using dramatized reenactments set in an office, factory and warehouse environment, and retraces the path of 5 people who are just starting work.

Newcomers at Work follows these 5 new people, all eager to do their best and make an impression. Three are younger, in their first job, one has recently joined from another firm and the other is returning to work after a few years absence. Each “newcomer” will create hazards for themselves and others around them and one will unfortunately not be going home again.

After watching Newcomers at Work, your employees will be able to identify potential hazards in their own working environment as well as those of others. Newcomers At Work is not only ideal for new employees, it is invaluable as refresher training for existing staff and will help managers and supervisors understand their responsibilities.

Newcomers at Work comes with a CD-ROM that contains a number of handouts, quizzes and questionnaires enabling the trainer to run an effective and memorable induction session.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


A DuPont Sustainable Solutions release

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Newcomers At Work
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