Shiftwork: Circadian Survival
Program length: 20:00

Workers must learn to readjust their internal clocks, or circadian rhythm, when the time demands of work shifts deviate from the norm. Shiftwork: Circadian Survival demonstrates how employees can facilitate this transition while still adhering to standard safety precautions and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Shiftwork: Circadian Survival is a timeless training program that will help your employees synchronize their body functions with the requirements of their jobs and family lives. This program will explain how shift work impacts the circadian rhythm.

Shiftwork: Circadian Survival covers the following training points:

  • How You Are Affected
  • How to Adjust
  • Importance of Sleep
  • What to Eat and Drink
  • Impact on Driving
  • Family and Social Life

Languages: English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


A DuPont release

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Shiftwork: Circadian Survival
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