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Beyond Words: Hiring & Interviewing Series

Knowing how to read an applicant's body language is essential in determining the right candidate for a position. Consider this 3 video series an advanced lesson in reading body language; for interviewers interested in becoming a true student of the art of reading body language as it relates to hiring and interviewing.

Beyond Words: Part 1, Negative Nonverbal / Body Language - 14:00 minutes

Negative Nonverbal / Body Language Cues

This portion shows the viewer how to read body language that might reveal discrepancies between an applicant's answer to a question and the body language they use when they are giving you the answer.

Beyond Words: Part 2, Positive Nonverbal / Body Language - 22:00 minutes

Positive Nonverbal / Body Language Cues

How to read body language that reveals an applicann's authentic energy and enthusiasm, likeability, reliability, and diligence. Also covers physical appearance.

Beyond Words: Part 3, Body Language Clusters - Putting it All Together - 24:00 minutes

Summary / Body Language Clusters

Introduces "Body Language Clusters." Words are to a sentence what individual nonverbal gestures are to a body language cluster.

Consider video 3 for the person that is interested in becoming a true student of the art of reading body language as it relates to hiring and interviewing.

This video teaches the viewer how to better read applicants levels of adaptability, initiative and job knowledge, by studying body language clusters.

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Beyond Words: Hiring & Interviewing Series
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