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So You Want to be a Success At Selling
Program length: 101:00

So You Want To Be a Success at Selling is designed to help the sales person who is just starting out, or the seasoned veteran. With a humorous style, it explores, evaluates and trains on all facets of the selling process. In his trademark style, mixing comedy and intelligence, John Cleese walks us through the wrong, and the right, ways to sell at the professional level.

The Preparation - 26:00 minutes

John Cleese gives one of his classic performances as a snide business man in So You Want To Be a Success at Selling. He uses the wisdom of a sentient self-help tape to discover all of the essential steps in the sales preparation process. Research is key if you want to close the deal and there is no better way to get that point across to your sales team than letting them laugh while they learn.

The Presentation - 25:00 minutes

The quest for sales continues with our reluctant salesman, played by John Cleese, as he embarks on the second stage of the sale - the presentation. Now that he has learned how to research every aspect of the sale, he goes on to learn how to conduct the perfect presentation to a customer. Hilarious do and don't scenarios take you through a step-by-step process designed to improve the sales presentation for any product.

Difficult Customers - 25:00 minutes

Expanding on the lessons of Parts I, and II of the So You Want To Be A Success At Selling Series, this program is both a reinforcing message for the other films, and a stand alone training film for dealing with some common difficult customer dilemmas. John Cleese continues his roll as the bungling salesman that learns his lessons and improves along the way. Intelligent and amusing, Difficult Customers is effective for all levels of the sales staff.

Closing The Sale - 29:00 minutes

The last part of So You Want To Be a Success at Selling concentrates on strengthening closing technique. By thinking bigger, and analyzing the relationship between the salesperson and customer our formerly inept salesman, played by John Cleese, develops effective closing methods that any salesperson will learn from and enjoy.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, French, Spanish


A Video Arts release

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So You Want to be a Success At Selling
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