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Legal Briefs™ Workplace Privacy: Does It Really Exist?

With questions about workplace privacy on the rise, managers need to understand the rules of effective, legal documentation and what to communicate to employees about organizational and individual privacy rights.

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Legal Briefs™ Substance Abuse: The Manager's Role in Creating & Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace

Substance abuse can create serious problems in the workplace, but dealing with it incorrectly can trigger a lawsuit. Following the proper procedures when substance abuse is suspected is critical.

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Legal Briefs™ Harassment & Discrimination: Promoting Respect & Preventing Discrimination

Managers are the first line of defense in dealing with harassment and discrimination issues. Because their actions—and inactions—directly represent the organization, they need to know how to prevent, rather than contribute, to lawsuits.

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Legal Briefs™ Workplace Violence: The Legal Role in Keep Your Workplace Safe

A single incident of workplace violence can create considerable harm—to the individuals involved, to the team, to the organization's reputation and to the bottom line. Managers need to know how to diffuse potentially threatening situations to keep the workplace safe.

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Legal Briefs™ The ADA: Tough Questions & Straight Answers

The complexities of the Americans with Disabilities Act mean the opportunity for risk is great. Uninformed decision making by managers can open the door for lost productivity, decreased trust and expensive lawsuits.

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Legal Briefs™ Recruiting & Hiring: A Manager's Guide to Staying Out of Court

Finding the right people is challenging, but recruiting and hiring decisions can be legal minefields for managers who don't understand where the boundaries lie.

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Legal Briefs™ Discipline & Termination: Improving Performance & Reducing Liability

Although discipline and termination decisions are common areas of legal exposure, it is too often that managers don't have the proper training to handle these fundamental managerial responsibilities appropriately. The result can be expensive, time-consuming litigation.

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Employment Law Is...™

Everyday managers make decisions. When those decisions concern employees, they have the potential to cost organizations time, money and productivity if not rooted in job-related information.

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