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Leadership Feedback: What employees want to tell you...but don't!

Take a candid look at what employees truly think about their leaders and how that affects their work. Based on interviews with real employees, this honest and impactful program shows leaders how to generate the kind of employee feedback that really matters and helps them have a significant influence on employee productivity and commitment.

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Customer Service: Make it Easy

Customers want service that is efficient and painless, requiring minimum effort on their part. To be effective, these four concepts must be used together consistently to make customer service easy: Acknowledge, Observe, Listen and Act.

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Conference calls and  virtual meetings are widely replacing the face-to-face meeting, yet many lack the skills to make this type of meeting effective. This entertaining video reveals the "virtual rules" both participants and meeting organizers must understand to make their "invisible" meetings productive and efficient.

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Would I Inspire Me?

Would I Inspire Me? is a leadership video that asks, 'what does it take to inspire a team?' It's not charisma. Rather, it's a set of leadership behaviors that provides motivation to employees and can be emulated.

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Leadership: What's Trust Got To Do With It (2nd Ed.)

This updated edition of a favorite leadership skills video will show your team leaders how to build trust and create a more productive workforce. See how trust is the foundation of leadership, and the way leaders behave either builds trust or destroys it.

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You've Got Customers

This program is a creative way to get employees thinking about excellent customer service. A bowling team, of all things, sets a spectacular example for a customer service provider who is just starting out.

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Win Teams

Is your company going through change? Doubts and fears are part of the process, but this program can show your employees the positive aspects of change. Based on a true story, Win Teams should inspire any workplace dealing with change.

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Would I Follow Me?

If you could be on the receiving end of your own leadership style, how do you think you'd answer this question: Would I follow me? It's an interesting thought and a very entertaining video where leaders learn effective behaviors and come to appreciate the impact they have on group success.

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Would I Work For Me?

Set entirely in a manufacturing environment, this film is about how trying to get the most out of the people you supervise isn't always easy. But most employees will tell you that what affects their productivity more than anything else is their immediate supervisor.

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Leading More With Less

Leading More With Less is about setting an outstanding example, demonstrating a strong work ethic and showing great enthusiasm for the job. Overall if your leaders set a high standard, your employees will follow their lead.

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