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New York Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Bundle
Program length: 66 Minutes total running time

Both New York State and New York City have passed laws mandating sexual harassment prevention training.  The State law requires that any organization with workers in New York, regardless of size, train managers and employees by January 1, 2019. This bundle addresses the laws not only for New York city and state, but also for California. 

The turnkey training solution consists of 4 outstanding videos:
(To preview all of the videos click on "More Videos" under the player.)

  • Let’s Get Honest (15 minutes) speaks candidly to employees about the difference between their work and personal life when it comes to appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior. 
  • He Said, She Said  (26 minutes) presents scenarios and different perspectives to help employees understand what harassment is and whether or not it has occurred.
  • Bystander Intervention  (6 minutes) addresses the bystander intervention training required by the NYC law through powerful examples and instruction.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers  (19 minutes) covers everything needed to comply with the NY laws' management training requirement.

and 3 easy-to-follow written resources that ensure compliance:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for New York State and New York City Managers and Employees - Leader's Guide helps organizations implement the program successfully and in compliance with the NY laws.  Specifically it:

           a.  Outlines a recommended training plan, topic by topic

           b.  Identifies learning objectives for each topic

           c.  Includes a training checklist that identifies the training topics covered during the workshop

           d.  Provides a Pre-test/Post Test

           e.  Provides step-by-step facilitation of a workshop for employees and managers,
                as well as an additional managers-only session.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for New York State and New York City Employees - Employee Handbook ensures employees receive information on all specified topics.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for New York State and New York City Managers and Employees - Presentation (PowerPoint) provides a visual for learners and contains notes that prompt the trainer.

NY SH Training Matrix

Click here to see a matrix that shows how NY state, NY city and CA state training requirements are met through the bundle components.

Languages: English

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New York Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Bundle
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