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Sexual Harassment: It's Not Enough to Know Better
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Both the Manager and Employee versions in this set feature 12 vignettes that are - or could become - sexual harassment. The scenarios help viewers recognize inappropriate behavior and know what to do about it. An explanation follows each vignette to provide a legal point of view. Each scene be replayed without the narrative during discussions, or create your own customized sexual harassment training program.

It's Not Enough to Know Better - Manager Version

Managers and supervisors are held to a higher legal standard when it comes to sexual harassment cases or lawsuits, and as a result require more in depth sexual harassment education on legally acceptable responses to situations where they may need to respond to a sexual harassment incident. This video provides the education, guidance and authority to help managers rise to the challenge of preventing, recognizing and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.  (25 minutes)

Key training points covered for managers and supervisors will help them to:

  • Learn the legal definitions of sexual harassment
  • Learn to recognize potential sexual harassment situations
  • Understand the legal and other consequences of allowing sexually harassing behavior to occur
  • Begin to understand their role and responsibility in creating a harassment-free work environment 
  • Know how to investigate and report harassment complaints based on organizational policy

It's Not Enough to Know Better - Employee Version

Employees are every organization’s first line of defense against sexual harassment. Help clearly define sexual harassment to employees, empower them to act when they recognize inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and assure them that sexual harassment and sexual discrimination will not be tolerated in any form.  (25 minutes)

Key training points covered for employees will teach them:

  • The legal definitions of sexual harassment
  • By example, with several different vignettes depicting potential sexual harassment situations
  • How to understand their organization’s policies on sexual harassment and reporting procedures
  • That they are empowered to report harassment when they, or someone they know, is a victim

You Need to Know...Sexual Harassment is Illegal 

This Meeting Opener is included in the series purchase, or available to purchase as a standalone policy statement. This powerful and effective video leaves no doubt about your organization’s policy on sexual harassment in the workplace. Music, visual images, graphics, and narration make this video program a dramatic, contemporary, clear, and concise method of ensuring all your employees understand that sexual harassment is not acceptable in your workplace.  (5 minutes) 

Each version of Sexual Harassment: It’s Not Enough to Know Better includes a leader’s guide, providing trainers with a complete sexual harassment training agenda including key discussion points for all vignettes, helpful exercises that reinforce the video’s message, and instructions for incorporating your organization’s own sexual harassment policies into each training session.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


A Vivid Edge release

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Sexual Harassment: It's Not Enough to Know Better
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