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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers in California
Program length: 77:00 total running time

This course satisfies California's AB1825 requirements for managers and supervisors.

Sexual harassment is illegal in California and not tolerated in any workplace. It’s estimated that 50% of women and 20% of men have experienced sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment can inflict serious damage on an organization’s productivity and morale. Managers named in sexual harassment complaints could lose their job, their reputation and even their career. 

Managers are the single most important factor in preventing sexual harasssment in the workplace.  When managers take prevention seriously, the occurence rate drops significantly.

This 2-hour course will teach managers how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. It reviews techniques that help identify potentially harmful interactions, teaches how to confront the problem, and how to structure the office environment to prevent sexual harassment.

The Course Covers:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention in California for Managers and Supervisors 
  • Harassment Prevention in California: The Protected Groups
  • Retaliation in California
  • Court Cases in California
  • Abusive Conduct in the Workplace: AB2053 Training
  • SB396: LGBT Rights in the California Workplace
  • and more.
Each section has between 2-25 quiz questions. When combined, the video and the quiz questions will satisfy the 2-hour training and cover all subjects required by the state of California.

Also Available:
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Supervisory Employees in California
Abusive Conduct in the Workplace: California AB2053 Training
SB396: LGBT Rights in California Workplaces

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers in California
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