Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple
Program length: 6:00
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Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple is a visually pleasing, concise, 6-minute DVD that covers every aspect of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. The program can be used as a meeting opener or as a stand alone program.

In just minutes, Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple will touch on the following forms of sexual harassment:

  • Quid Pro Quo Harassment
  • Social Networking sites
  • Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment
  • The Reasonable Person Standard
  • Prevention Techniques
  • Sexting
  • E-mail Harassment
  • Gender Harassment
  • Harassment by Non-Employees such as customers, vendors, consultants or delivery persons
  • Same Sex Harassment
  • Pregnancy Jokes and Comments
  • Sexual jokes
  • Verbal behaviors such as suggestive whistling & catcalls
  • Unwanted repeated requests for dates & flirting
  • Leering
  • Physical behaviors such as back rubs, back scratching & hugs
  • Use of demeaning names
  • Legal consequences for harassers
  • And more.

It's a brief, yet thought-provoking program that's perfect for getting the conversation started about Sexual Harassment in the workplace.

Additional "Made Simple" programs are available:

Languages: English, French Canadian, Spanish


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Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple
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    Anna Oswald - Sr. Human Resources Generalist
I like that this video is short and to the point. I also like that it doesn't have acted out scenes with the characters. Often times employees laugh during training when those come up and we want to make sure that they are taking the topic of Sexual Harassment seriously.

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