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Human Resources

Your Words Matter

Social Media. Text Messages. Emails. It’s never been easier to communicate. And it’s never been more potentially hazardous. Finally, there is an organizational training program that can help every employee understand and navigate the myriad hazards that accompany communication through social media and email.

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Customer Service Gone Viral

More and more, customers are making their buying decisions based on what they see and read online. This new kind of customer feedback and review, which potentially millions can see, puts service providers in a very precarious position -- but there is something your company can do about it.

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Legal Social Media at Work

The potential to violate employment laws, improperly release information or to damage employer reputation is even greater on social media. Make sure employees and management are aware of the legal risks they face regarding posts, comments, or tweets when “representing the organization”.

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Legal E-Mail and Text Messaging at Work

Uncover the legal views concerning workplace messaging and reinforce the concept that emails are permanent and NOT private. This compliance program educates the viewer on what should never be sent via email and the repercussions of sending inappropriate email.

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Cybersecurity for Employees

There isn’t a day that goes by without another story of hacking or stolen data in the news. From political campaigns, to corporations, to breaches at the highest levels of government -- no organization is immune to the risk. This program teaches viewers how to keep data safe.

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Social Media: Reduce the Risk

With the lines between personal and professional social media use becoming increasingly blurred, it's vital that all organizations take a long hard look at the potential risks of social media and the workplace.

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Facing Social Media

Social media is growing out of control. Finding opportunities is within our control.

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Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series

A powerful training series covering over 80 workplace topics every workplace needs to address. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone.

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