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Your Words Matter
Program length: 11:00

Your Words Matter is a social media training video that emphasizes the importance of written communication when interacting and engaging on social media platforms. Through dramatic scenes, viewers will explore some of the many things that can go wrong and provide some practical advice for avoiding communication breakdowns.

When Words Last Forever, It’s Important to Get Them Right

We’ve all seen horror stories of the consequences of a misunderstood tweet or a controversial Facebook status update. Whether communicating for work or leisure, it’s important that everyone understand basic principles for avoiding miscommunication mistakes. Your Words Matter helps establish guidelines for communicating in a clear and effective manner across any level of social media, from emails to snapchats.

People must also be aware of the gravity that what they say has ramifications that can extend beyond their desired intentions. While at work, this fact is non-negotiable. Give employees the tools necessary to protect the integrity of your organization while they are away from it.

Your Words Matter covers the following learning points:

  • Your Messages Matter! Think before you hit “reply all.” Watch out for autofill. Be careful in your communication.
  • Your Tone Matters! People may misinterpret the tone of your communication. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls.
  • Your Privacy Matters! Social media is not private. Learn lessons for handing social media.
  • Your Reputation Matters! What you say electronically can affect you or your business. Learn how to manage your communications effectively.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Your Words Matter
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