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Awareness is a Choice
Program length: 14:40

The most common accidents in the workplace are easily avoidable such as slips, trips and falls as well as using improper lifting techniques. Common workplace accidents can become even more hazardous when you ignore them.

Learning Point Highlights

  • The visible and “invisible” hazards that exist in the office.
  • How to put together an effective safety program.
  • Increase safety awareness.
  • Observe dozens of techniques to ensure a safe work environment.

Awareness is a Choice is included in Volume VI: Safety & Health as part of The Employee Awareness Series

Imagine a workplace where managers are knowledgeable, committed to vision and embody professionalism. Employees are energized and engaged; deadlines are met by time well spent. Teams cooperate. Business is productive and profitable. The Employee Awareness Series is an all-in-one talent management suite filled with 24 unique courses on Attitude, Behavior, Communication, Emotions, Safety & Health, Time Management and Workplace Essentials. Learning has never been so easy. Retention has never been so high. 

Languages: English


A PowerSplash Project release

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Awareness is a Choice
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