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The Impact of Being Human
Program length: 30:00

It seems when we look at personal problems and global strife, there is a disconnect between behavior, perspective and responsibility. We tend to see ourselves as an insignificant piece of a greater whole. It is only by looking at the bigger picture that we can see how our lives have a lasting imprint personally, professionally, and globally.

The premise is how we learn from and give to everyone we meet. The extent and benefit of sharing/giving depends on the level of perception. Being can be a stream of contentment or a sea of frustration. Indeed, addiction to negative beliefs and emotions can lead us down as lonely path of unfulfilled dreams and lack of purpose; however, positive beliefs and healthy emotions can transform the quality of life not just for ourselves but for everyone in our lives.

The Impact of Being Human contrasts what we learn in the innocence of childhood and the sometime distorted perspective that can cloud our adulthood. Viewers learn the reasons for addictions, self-loathing, and why we cannot get what we think we need while widening the context of how we look at ourselves, others, and the world. Viewers learn how to understand the people and circumstances around them - and to know in every moment of every day they have the gift of impact. The stigma of mental health is dispelled in an extraordinary film that will stimulate self-reflection and discussion.

Showcased in the 2016 Festival of Globe (FOG) – Silicon Valley Film FestivalThe Coventry Film Festival, The Malta Film Festival, The Festival of Globe Film Festival, and The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival. The Impact of Being Human is available for purchase as part of The Wellness Series and includes 4 additional, impactful shorts.

Languages: English


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The Impact of Being Human
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