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The Wellness Series
Program length: 70:00

The Wellness Series features five outstanding films dedicated to helping people with depression, coping with loss, and self-esteem and self-acceptance. Viewers will benefit from the encouraging and inspiring messages, beautiful imagery, soothing narratives, and comforting music.

This groundbreaking series has heaped praises from medical and psychological professionals, educational instructors and counselors, as well as therapeutic and wellness practitioners. The Wellness Series also makes a welcome addition to any self-improvement and employee assistance program.

The Wellness Series starts with The Impact of Being Human and follows with four more additional feel-good programs. Series includes a course/trainer’s guide, viewer quiz and script.

The Wellness Series, Volume I

The Impact of Being Human – 30 Minutes

The thirty-minute film contrasts what we learn in the innocence of childhood and the sometime distorted perspective clouding our adulthood. Viewers learn the reasons for addictions, self-loathing, and why we cannot get what we think we need. This program helps widen the context of how we look at ourselves, others, and even the world. Viewers learn how to understand the people and circumstances around them, and to know in every moment they have the gift of impact.

The Chance of Being Positive – 4 Minutes

A beautiful bonus short film that tackles mental wellness about anxiety and the results of positive thinking. Learn the power of positive thinking, the power of compassion, and the power of gratitude. It can be said that we put in our mind at bedtime may affect our attitude in the morning. The importance of a positive self-image cannot be overstated. Thinking and acting in a positive manner, especially in time of trouble, will help you with coping, reduce stress, and may bring about a brighter outcome.

The Wellness Series, Volume II

Coping with Loss – 24 Minutes

Grief is a natural response to the loss of a loved one, a divorce or break-up, loss of a job, or death of a beloved pet. Bereavement is the time we spend adjusting to a loss. It is important for a healthy mind and body to find ways to mourn our loss and express our grief. This program dispels the myths of mourning and helps viewers understand the different stages of grief and bereavement. Find out how to accept loss, how to experience pain and how to adjust and move on. Learn how to be supportive and how to be supported. The film addresses a variety of situations for children and adults.

And it Gets Better – 6 Minutes

Here is a comforting film for those experiencing depression or thoughts of suicide. For anyone feeling overwhelmed, bullied or depressed, this film will remind you of the strength you have within and the impact you bring to the world. It is carefully designed to help people of all ages who may be battling depression.

If you or a loved one are in emotional distress, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. They are there to help 24/7.

Wonders – 4 Minutes

A stunning visualization of the beauty of nature and the precious uniqueness of the human heart. It addresses the questions: “How can I feel more relaxed in the moment?” and “How can I relax and feel more comfortable with myself and others?” Wonders is a wonderful film for life perspective and sensitivity training and delivers a powerful message of positive self-image.

Languages: English


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The Wellness Series
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