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Incident Investigation: Analyzing the Facts & Causes
Program length: 18:00

The third segment in this informative training series, Incident Investigation: Analyzing the Facts and Causes samples possible lines of questioning to show you how to determine the underlying causes of an incident and help you determine the systems that need to be strengthened.

Step 4 – Determine All Contributing Factors

The next step in the investigative process is to use all of the information collected to funnel out the facts and determine the key factors and circumstances that may have contributed to an incident. Some may seem unrelated to the incident, but all are crucial in building a case for recommendations and solutions. These key factors will form the basis for recommendations of corrective action and guiding follow-up.

Once the contributing factors have been identified and the initial questions outlined, Incident Investigation: Analyzing the Facts and Causes will help you implement a root cause analysis and answer the most important question – “Why?”

Step 5 –Determine Systems to be Strengthened

If you discovered an underlying problem with one of the systems that determines work to be done, it must be addressed to prevent a potential recurrence of the incident. Incident Investigation: Analyzing the Facts and Causes will help you uncover which systems; whether it is operating procedures, safe work practices, management style, contractor safety, communication, training, emergency planning and response, assurance procedures, or equipment systems.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Incident Investigation: Analyzing the Facts & Causes
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