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Incident Investigation: Four-Part Series

This four-part training series will assist you in conducting investigations that ultimately will reduce incidents at your facility. Incident Investigation: Four-Part Series helps fine tune your incident-prevention efforts with information on assembling the investigative team and addressing the facts, factors and root causes of incidents.

Incident Investigation: Getting Started

Show your people that you care about them and that it is absolutely unacceptable for anyone to be injured in the workplace. Incident Investigation: Getting Started begins with a focus on the initial response.  Swift response to an incident is vital. It shows that people are your priority and taking care of them is your number one concern.

Incident investigation is not rocket science, but it does take some training, planning, and most importantly, an emphasis on people – protecting and caring for them.

Incident Investigation: Forming An Effective Team And Gathering Information

Incidents are made up of a wide variety of factors that involve a cross-section of your workplace. Incident Investigation: Forming and Effective Team & Gathering Information shows you how diversity is important when assembling a qualified team. It is imperative that your team consist of people familiar with or work within the area in which the incident occurred.

Once your team is assembled and all are familiar with the details of the initial incident report, it’s time to start gathering information and conducting interviews. This course trains your team to focus on three distinct areas to investigate as you gather information — physical factors, human factors and operating systems.

Incident Investigation: Analyzing The Facts And Causes

The next step in the investigative process is to use all of the information collected to funnel out the facts and determine the key factors and circumstances that may have contributed to an incident. Some may seem unrelated to the incident, but all are crucial in building a case for recommendations and solutions. These key factors will form the basis for recommendations of corrective action and guiding follow-up.

Incident Investigation: Analyzing the Facts and Causes will help you uncover which systems; whether it is operating procedures, safe work practices, management style, contractor safety, communication, training, emergency planning and response, assurance procedures, or equipment systems.

Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communication And Follow-Up

The final installment in the Incident Investigation: Four-Part Series how to identify which ones should be completed before operations resume as well as any recommendations or suggestions that are not associated with the incident facts. Properly communicating the information, lessons you have learned, and your recommended solutions will go a long way toward preventing incidents from happening again.

Ensure recommendations receive prompt attention by making Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communications and Follow-Up a staple in your incident response training. This training will also help you remember to periodically track the progress of your suggestions and action plans to determine their effectiveness and guide future investigations.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Incident Investigation: Four-Part Series
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