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Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communications and Follow-Up
Program length: 16:00

The final three steps are imperative to preventing any further incidents, and are the subject of Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communications and Follow-Up, the final chapter in the award-winning Incident Investigation Series.

Step 6 – Recommend Corrective and Preventive Actions

At least one recommendation for each key factor should be identified, but in some scenarios, a broad recommendation may address multiple key factors. Recommendations exist as corrective actions intended to fix a hazard or preventive actions to lessen the likelihood of a hazard developing.

Step 7 – Document and Communicate Findings

This DVD will help you and your staff clearly define the expected results of a particular recommendation, and help you set priorities for each action. Incident Investigation: Reccommendations, Communications and Follow-Up explains how to identify which actions should be completed before operations resume, as well as any recommendations or suggestions that are not associated with the incident. Properly communicating the information, lessons you have learned, and your recommended solutions will go a long way toward preventing incidents from happening again.

Step 8 – Follow Up

The final step of incident investigation is to follow up on recommendations for corrective or preventive actions and be sure they are implemented and effective. The goal of follow-up is to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

Ensure recommendations receive prompt attention by making Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communications and Follow-Up a staple in your incident response training. This training will also help you remember to periodically track the progress of your suggestions and action plans to determine their effectiveness and guide future investigations.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communications and Follow-Up
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