Supervisor on the Scene: Communication
Program length: 13:30

Classrooms, marriages, the public sector, and the workplace. There isn't a place where we couldn't use improvement in our communication skills. It is a big part of our success in anything, including business and leadership. But why is it so hard? For one thing, there are different kinds of communication and communication techniques have evolved with technology. And when you're the supervisor, it's twice the challenge.

Supervisor on the Scene: Communication will show supervisors and those in training the four simple principles of effective communication:

  • Plan: Identifying the message and its purpose
  • Select: Choosing the apppropriate means of communication
  • Deliver: Dos and don'ts in relaying the message
  • Respond: Solicit feedback and respond accordingly

Efficient communication skills are essential for managers and supervisors to succeed in the workplace. Discover the benefits of effective communication skills and enable workplace leaders to properly administer organizational objectives. Supervisor on the Scene: Communication will ensure existing managers and soon-to-be-supervisors understand the added value of effective communication in assembling highly proficient teams and fostering a work environment on a foundation of trust.

Communication breakdowns can have less than desirable effects on an organization. Supervisors who cannot communicate responsibly and with integrity will inhibit the growth of your organization through diminished productivity and unnecessary friction between employees, customers, contractors and other business partners. Purchase Supervisor on the Scene: Communication and ensure managers and supervisors develop positive relationships with open lines of communication, and trust their subordinate employees fully understand their roles and that they are valued.

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Supervisor on the Scene: Communication
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