Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution
Program length: 11:30

Conflict can be an ominous word, but there's really nothing scary about it. Conflict happens anywhere that needs and wants meet resistance. These needs can be as fundamental as staying alive or competing for resources like food. In the workplace, they can be as simple as the need for office supplies or as grave as two employees constantly sniping at each other. Either way, supervisors have a big role to play in resolving them.

Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution will give supervisors a solid grounding on conflict management by demonstrating how to:
  • Recognize the conflict; Identify the facts and people involved
  • Manage the conflict; Apply five avenues of resolution
  • Resolve the conflict through collaboration or compromise

An impactful and essential skill in the arsenal of an effective supervisor, the ability to resolve conflicts and disagreements professionally, ethically and respectfully might be the most beneficial and the most telling of a productive workplace. Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution will prevent interoffice tensions and forge stronger relationships, both between manager and employee and the employee amongst his or her peers.

Helping managers and supervisors to develop conflict resolution skills can save your organization from the need for costly arbitration between conflicting team members. Adding Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution to your management and supervisor development training will ensure that when tackling conflict and disagreement, your leaders can successfully move beyond their own emotions and opinions to make objective decisions.

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Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution
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