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Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making
Program length: 12:00

Supervisors have to make decisions, and they need to be good at it because their choices affect employees and even the organization overall. Leaders must be consistent in their decisions and make them quickly sometimes. At the same time, they have to give these decisions a lot of thought. The trick is to be confident without being hasty, and thorough without geting stuck in the details.

Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making will make sure your supervisors and future leaders discover the basic foundations of sound, solid decision-making through instruction on how to:

  • Gather Information - identify the facts
  • Develop Alternatives - recognize possible solutions
  • Select the Best Alternative - weigh the pros and cons
  • Follow Up - reflect on the decision made

Making a wrong decision is haunting for many reasons. When a supervisor’s decision has negative consequences, it can have an immediate impact on sales, service or production. Even worse, should regret or denial ensue, poor choices can impact the outcome of future decisions as doubt or ignorance will derail any attempt to problem solve quickly, efficiently and with any degree of confidence. Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making demonstrates effective problem solving techniques to improve both a supervisor’s decision-making skills and the quality of his or her decisions.

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Languages: English


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Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making
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