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The Balance Sheet Barrier
Program length: 30:57

Ask most managers and staff to explain a profit-and-loss statement or a balance sheet and their reactions will range from incomprehension to abject horror.

In The Balance Sheet Barrier, Julian Carruthers (John Cleese), a high-level executive, asks his down-to-earth companion Rita Scroggs (Dawn French), who runs Scroggs Manufacturing, just what's what. Rita uses her business as the basis for lessons. She explains the lessons to Cleese in everyday language and uses graphics to emphasize key points. Rita demonstrates how a profit-and-loss statement is really just a historical view of the business.

She goes on to show how the balance sheet is a snapshot of the business at any one time. And she reveals that the cash flow forecast looks at the future cash position of the company in terms of income and expenditure.

Although finance won't necessarily become anyone's favorite topic, the lessons in this Video Arts production will make it more understandable. By the end of the video, key financial documents will hold no fear for any manager, at whatever level, or for trainee accounting staff and others who need to know the practical value of complex-sounding concepts.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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The Balance Sheet Barrier
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    Pat Carr - Director of Training & Development
We're creating a program on managing your financials and looking for a way to maintain interest in a topic that can be very dull at times. This video has humor but also lots of learning. The two "managers" are good foils for each other. As for the learning, the concepts are presented simply and clearly, but also reviewed more than once so that viewers can grasp the concepts. The examples used are simple to follow and easy to understand. This video will help us add some humor to our session but also reinforce the main message of our workshop. I was pleasantly surprised to find a video related to business financials.

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