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Winning Through Innovation - W.I.N.
Program length: 11:00

Football’s winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden talk about how to create a culture of innovation in this fast-paced training program. These coaches have an amazing track record of success. Now you can take their core lessons and apply them to your job. 

Innovation is not easy. Thinking differently and dynamically can be difficult. Having the knowledge, resources, and courage necessary to implement new ideas can be challenging. The Winning Through Innovation – W.I.N. training program is designed to help you and your team members take advantage of their innovation potential. 

The Winning Through Innovation – W.I.N. DVD includes two separate programs: An 11-minute short cut and an extended 42-minute version.

Winning Through Innovation - 11 Minute Version:

The first program is an 11-minute motivational short cut of the Winning Through Innovation – W.I.N. training video. This program provides an overview and highlights seven key strategies for fostering a culture of innovation. The key learning points include:

  • Find Something That Doesn’t Work and Fix It
  • Take a Chance
  • Focus On the Fundamentals
  • Be Open to Criticism
  • Remain Flexible
  • Be Humble & Confident
  • Stay Ahead Of the Curve
Winning Through Innovation - 42 Minute Version:

The second program is an extended 42-minute group or self-study version of the Winning Through Innovation – W.I.N. training video. This program contains an in-depth workbook, with a step-by-step toolkit for understanding the key strategy for developing a culture of innovation. This program is divided into five parts:

  • Part 1: Innovation Warm Up – In this first segment, you meet the coaches and learn about the power of innovation.
  • Part 2: Steps to Innovation – All of us are continually and necessarily undertaking significant risks. How do world-class coaches manage the profound risks and challenges they encounter every day? Learn how to handle complex situations and handle risk.
  • Part 3: Risk and Reward – the coaches share their secrets for executing the process of innovation. The coaches describe various situations in which innovation was necessary to success, as well as how each innovated strategically and tactically to create winning situations.
  • Part 4: Adaptation and Flexibility – The world of work is dynamic and constantly evolving. The ability to adapt and the capacity for flexibility are vital in such a complex environment.
  • Part 5: Integration – The video and workbook pull all the ideas together in an action plan to help you innovate to win. What is the right target? Who is your competition? What are the key factors for success?
Winning Through Innovation - Participant Guide:

While the Winning Through Innovation – W.I.N. training video is the core of the training program, the workbook and interactive exercises are the forum in which you and your team will jump-start your path to innovation.

After extensive research, the Winning Through Innovation – W.I.N. training video and 47-page participant guide was specifically designed to support Innovation. Participants will benefit from paying close attention to the video program and by remaining open-minded about the segment exercises.

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Winning Through Innovation - W.I.N.
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