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Mastering Outlook 2013

Use Microsoft Outlook to be more productive. From setting up filers, folders, message tracking and flagging – it’s all in this course.

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Word 2010 Essentials

Word 2010 Essentials is the authority for all time-saving techniques to be found on Microsoft Word 2010; delivered in easy-to-navigate, indexed, and informative content modules.

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Mastering Excel 2010

The world is made up of two kinds of people:  the few who are masters of Excel, and the billions of others who wish they were. This most popular training course will take novice users to experts in only 10 hours!

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Power Up PowerPoint

Giving a Presentation? Well to avoid closed eyes, yawns, or the collective glow of smartphones from the audience, then Power Up PowerPoint is a must for your organization.  This course shows how to “amp up” presentations and deliver your message with power and authority.

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Mastering PowerPoint 2010

Learn how to transform boring, plain old presentations into an experience that will make people sit up, take notice, and most importantly, remember. Discover how to effectively use PowerPoint 2010 with these training modules.

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7 Levers to Success

Entrepreneur Pete Williams provides a framework for driving profit by explaining how to successfully increase web traffic, opt-ins and conversions. Learn how to measure each lever and involve the team.

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Increasing Website Traffic

Learn strategies from successful business entrepreneur Pete Williams as he discusses in detail his proven methods for developing a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) and how to utilize Google AdWords and Analytics to increase traffic, opt-ins and conversions.

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