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30 Ways to Make More Time
Program length: 27:00

Most people may think they are efficient. But unless they know how to manage their time, it's unlikely they will ever be fully effective. Poor time management can also have a knock-on-effect on their colleagues or team they work with. What you should know...

  • Comprehensive list of ways to get organized and find time
  • Humorous moments will keep viewers interested
  • Perfect for helping employees get focus on time management
  • Learning points are instantly applicable to current work habits

The 30 Ways to Make More Time Training demonstrates that time management training can be applied to anyone within an organization. It uses memorable and engaging characters in many different situations to highlight the issues of time management - showing both the right and the wrong way of doing things.

30 Ways to Make More Time will show your employees how to:

  • Start the day correctly in order to be more productive
  • Prioritize tasks by deciding which ones are important or urgent
  • Handle meetings
  • Use the phone or email more effectively
  • Identify 'time robbers' and build the right defenses against them

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


A Video Arts release

This product is no longer available for purchase. Please call 800-408-5657 if you need assistance.


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30 Ways to Make More Time
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    Susi Zeal - Mrgr. Recruiting Development & Training
Has good tips and acting helps to keep interest. At the same time, 30 items is too long to remember without ways to keep in together - could use summary written slides throughout the presentation. There are some short ones but they are not effective as they come up in a silent manner and have little information. I do not have the program, so perhaps worksheets have the necessary checklists and summary pages.

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