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The Unorganized Manager
Program length: 74:00

In the imaginative style that only John Cleese can bring, management lessons are brought to life in this essential time management training video. The importance of being well organized is brought home in this series which features a manager who discovers that his disorganization is affecting the people around him and his health.

John Cleese (as St. Peter) takes him on a journey that shows him his management mistakes, and how to fix them; his efficiency at work is improved, as well as his life at home.

Damnation - 25:00 minutes

A self-involved manager ruins his life and the lives of those close to him before a heart attack brings him to the gates of St. Peter (John Cleese). The cause of his misfortune? Disorganization. Given a second chance, our hapless manager learns some hard lessons about the importance of time management. With humor and imagination, Damnation delivers a message that any manager should relate to.

Salvation - 29:00

In this sequel to Damnation, our manager has slipped again by failing to manage his time wisely. Now he's back in front of St. Peter (John Cleese) who teaches him that it's important to understand why your doing the job and not just how to do it. More advanced management concepts are covered in this video as well, such as, combining active and reactive tasks to make better use of everyone's time and create better results.

Divine Intervention - 20:00 minutes

In this third, and final, film in The Unorganized Manager series, our manager is on the road to recovery, both physically and in terms of his organizational techniques. St. Peter (John Cleese) gives him the last bit of help that he needs with important insights into his team building habits.

With right-way-wrong-way scenarios, Divine Intervention succeeds in building onto the lessons of the first two films, but may also be used on its own as a comprehensive and entertaining lesson in management technique.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Video Arts release

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The Unorganized Manager
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