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Time Challenged
Program length: 20:00

Welcome to the world of Kent Johnson, a time-challenged supervisor frantically moving from deadline to deadline, falling short more often than not. Time Challenged takes a humorous, good-natured look at overcoming the challenges of time management, as Kent works through his productivity dilemmas with a support group of recovering time-challenged individuals.

At the core of Time Challenged is the fact that we all get the same 24 hours in a day, but how we use those hours greatly impacts our success or failure. Viewers will explore how to tackle time head-on, learning how to prioritize tasks and address common daily interruptions such as phone calls and e-mail.

Building off this premise, participants gain the tools to:

  • Identify and take responsibility for time-management concerns
  • Fend off casual, drop-in office visitors
  • Maximize workspace through better organization
  • Set time limits for projects and meetings
  • Keep phone calls and emails from taking over their day
  • Plan for the unexpected, while building in enough time for projects
  • Set goals and prioritize each day's tasks
  • Break down tasks into smaller segments and delegate to others if able

The Leader's Guide and Workbook provide interactive training activities that enable participants to learn from one another...much like the individuals they see on-screen.

Also Available:
Time Management: A Productivity Plan
MANAGER MOMENTS: How to Excel in Tricky Situations
A Leader's Guide to Delegating

Languages Available: English

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Time Challenged
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This is not just another dull discussion about time management and goal setting. It is an enjoyable story filled with tangible information and practical tips. The support group setting adds humor and the main character is likeable. Most viewers will likely find something in this program with which they can relate.

  • Practical, easy-to-remember tips.
  • The time-challenged manager is likeable.

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