Prepare your team to deal with acts of violence with these practical, informative and perhaps life-saving programs.

Violence and Security in Healthcare

Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities

MARCOM's new Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities products discuss the problem of workplace violence, review the policies and procedures that can prevent it, and show healthcare workers what they can do to help.

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Healthcare Violence: Be Part of the Cure

Dealing with acts of violence is becoming an important skill for every healthcare professional. This training program will equip your employees with the knowledge to recognize potential violence and to difuse hostility before it escalates.

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Hospital Security: Partners Against Crime

Train healthcare professionals on potential security threats, high-risk scenarios, and preventative safeguards to maintain security in your facility.

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HIPAA: Security & Privacy in Long-Term Care

Protect patients’ privacy and security rights and comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. This HIPAA training program sets the standard to ensure your facility's compliance.

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HIPAA Security and Privacy for Hospitals

Ensure patient confidentiality with this training that will on the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. Employees will understand what constitutes protected health information, the basics of security awareness and much, much more.

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Difficult Behavior: Breaking Through

Dealing with difficult patients is often a regular part of a healthcare employee's day. This training program will help your employees understand why patients are sometimes disruptive, and will teach them how to intervene safely.

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Violence in Home Healthcare

Learn about violence and how to handle it in a home healthcare environment. This video covers topics such as general violence information, the assault cycle, safety practices and making safety the employee's priority.

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Domestic Abuse: Recognizing & Reporting

Domestic violence directly affects nearly 25% of Americans. Train your healthcare professionals to recognize warning signs and how to react accordingly when handling a situation regarding domestic abuse.

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