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Dealing with Difficult People and Situations: Principles of Verbal De-escalation
Workplace Violence Prevention Training
Program length: 11 minutes

You can't control another's behavior, but you can influence it...for better or for worse.

That is this program's fundamental principle.  The topic is especially relevant today as workplaces experience tensions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest.

On one side of the spectrum, difficult people are individuals who are simply having a bad day, perhaps facing a serious set-back or string of frustrations. At the other end, are those who are naturally angry and always looking for someone to blame. This program provides tips for both.

In most cases, the winning combination for handling emotionally-charged situations is:
Empathy + De-escalation Techniques.  

Instruction is provided in the following areas:

Keep a mindset of empathy. 

Work to de-escalate the situation

  • Things you can do to positively influence the situation from the start
  • Avoiding behaviors with the potential to escalate matters
  • How to ensure the person feels heard 

Know what to do in situations where you feel your personal safety may be at risk.

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations: Principles of Verbal De-escalation communicates key principles in a way that catalyzes understanding without overwhelming people and undermining their ability to retain the information.  


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Dealing with Difficult People and Situations: Principles of Verbal De-escalation
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