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PREVAIL! - Active Shooter Training
Program length: 14 minutes

PREVAIL! Active Shooter Training can be used in any organization. That includes workplaces/businesses, factories, hospitals, schools, government buildings, places of worship, universities/colleges and by first responders. The easy-to-understand 3-OUT Approach (Get Out, Lock Out, Take Out) is intended to create a quick, trained response to an intruder.

An active shooter situation is something few of us have prepared for and in a disaster scenario, preparation saves lives. A lack of preparation raises anxiety…and fear and lowers chances of survival. Training increases our ability to take appropriate action. It gives us a greater sense of preparedness, which will help with anxiety and stress levels -  especially during a shooter situation.

PREVAIL! can prepare your employees to use a trained response to properly react when faced with a workplace violence or intruder situation. More importantly, this trained response and preparation will improve employee safety and help protect your company from potential lawsuits and possible OSHA violations.

The Basic Package contains the 14 minute Prevail! Active Shooter video. For more thorough training on active shooter preparedness and response, Prevail! Active Shooter Training is also available in a Standard Package or Premium Package which include additional video modules and support materials. Just click on the "i" next to each under the Purchase Now box to the right to see what is included with each.

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PREVAIL! - Active Shooter Training
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